iOS 13 SDK will be required since April 2020

iOS 13 LogoOne of the main advantages of iOS over Android is that majority iOS-based devices got the latest software support. iOS 12 was interesting, because no older devices’ iOS compatibility was dropped. It’s not unusual that Apple supports devices older than 3 years. iPhone 5s started with iOS 7 and it was still supported by iOS 12. That’s also one of the reasons why older iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) can be sold for more money than comparable Android-based smartphone or tablet, if you decide to move to newer model or if you just need money or any other reason – it’s not just “because Apple” or “because of Apple sheeps” or “because Apple has Apple logo on the back side”.

Apple is known to drop support for its older operating systems pretty fast. If you are using old Android 7, you can still find many and many apps which works with Android 7. Try this with iOS 9. Many Android devices won’t see any major Android update since you bought them, especially low priced ones. I had Android smartphone from Samsung with Android 7 and I got update to Android 8 when Android 9 was already released and that was end of support. Developers can’t use just latest Android version and its advantages, they have to support many older Android devices, because only supporting last two major releases in Android world is a business suicide. In Apple world, you are forced to update iOS, but your smartphone or tablet with Apple logo will get all updates for at least 3 years.

As Apple is moving forward very fast and it doesn’t look into past, and the same applies for developers’ tools. According to Apple, all new apps and app updates will need to be built with the iOS 13 SDK and support the all-screen design of the iPhone XS Max or later by April 2020:

With iOS 13, your app can take advantage of Dark Mode, a dramatic new look for iPhone, Sign in with Apple, the fast, easy way to sign in to apps, and the latest advances in ARKit 3, Core ML 3, and Siri. Build your apps using Xcode 11 GM seed, test them on iOS devices running the latest GM seeds, and submit them for review.

Starting April 2020, all new apps and app updates will need to be built with the iOS 13 SDK and support the all-screen design of iPhone XS Max or later.

Developers, for now, will need to use recently released golden master of Xcode 11.

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