Apple’s September 10 Event will be streamed on YouTube for the first time

By | 07/09/2019

By innovation onlyApple streams its events on Apple’s webpage and on iOS and Apple TV apps. Users on other platforms are limited. As for WWDC 2019 Event, even Apple desktop users were limited to by Apple recommended Safari, Chrome or Firefox, though in some cases it was possible to watch stream on other browsers. As for Windows users, Apple recommended Edge. Stream could be also reached on other platforms via the latest versions of Firefox or Chrome. iOS users needed iOS 10 or higher and Apple TV users needed at least Apple TV 2nd generation with the latest version of Apple TV software or tvOS.

But now, for the first time, Apple will stream its keynote on YouTube too. In the past, Apple was uploading its keynote video to YouTube few days after live stream, but now, it will be live stream. That’s good news, because it will allow to watch live stream on almost every platform. If you have YouTube account (if you use Gmail or Android smartphone with Google Play, you already got it), you can set a reminder to get a notification when stream starts. It will start at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time on September 10.

Apple will surely reveal new iPhones and release date of new major versions of its operating system. If you want to know what we expect from this keynote, read THIS article.

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