Iconic app Notepad will be distributed and updated via Microsoft Store

NotepadNotepad, a simple plain text editor, is with us since earliest versions of Windows. I remember my first computer, a Pentium I-based PC with 32 MB RAM and 512 MB HDD. I was a little child and I was playing with Windows 95. I was amazed by screensaver called “The Warp Drive” and autocorrect feature on ancient Microsoft Word version. Notepad has not much changed for years. It slowly gained features like an indicator for when there’s unsaved content. Microsoft added to Notepad in Windows 10 some new features and now, iconic Microsoft’s app is distributed via Microsoft Store.

In real world, it means that Notepad can be updated outside of twice-yearly Windows 10 feature release cycle. Also, it means you can now uninstal Notepad.

In MS Paint, Microsoft in Windows 10 added bloatware features and named it Paint 3D. Till Notepad will keep its simple interface without bloatware, there is, for common users, no reason to find alternative – and also for many advanced users. Though I’m personally a macOS user and for plain text files I use advanced iA Writer, which is available for Windows, macOS, iOS / iPadOS and Android, I think that Microsoft’s Notepad app is an example of great software which had survived for many years.

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