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TG ProMacs are overheating. That’s fact. It’s not only about unibody aluminium enclosure, which is pretty thin, but Macs from strange reason boost fans when your Mac is really hot. Unless you don’t have a Mac Pro, your Mac is probably already overheating. It was said that Apple does it because it keeps your Mac silent, but long-term overheating may shorten lifetime of your Mac. It’s not unusual for CPU to reach 100°C when you are, for example, playing high-demanding games. If you want to monitor temperature of your Mac, and, more important, to launch fans sooner as set Apple, try TG Pro by Tunabelly Software.

TG Pro is simple utility to boost fans sooner as set Apple packed with many advanced features. As was said, the main feature is to boost fans. I’m personally using these settings:

TG Pro Fans

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Of course, you are not limited to CPU, you can set a tresholds for many other sensors. In case of my iMac, I see these sensors:

TG Pro Sensors

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This is key feature of TG Pro. This utility can also completely override system, but don’t !!! do it while you are not 100% sure you know what are you doing! This option is for power users, for example if certain Macs’ fans are always running at 100% after some hardware replacement.

In app’s settings, you can set all basic settings, like choosing between °C and °F for temperatures, starting at login, update frequency, console output, colors for temperatures (black/orange/red) to better discern heat level and even compatibility for “Hackintoshes”. TG Pro has an icon in the menubar for quick reference:

TG Pro Menubar

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I intentionally did not mention notifications. I love notifications in this app. You can use notifications for Notification Center or via e-mail if remote access is required. You can set triggers for notifications – if any sensor (or just CPU core) reaches chosen temperature, or when fan Auto Boost was triggered. Also, TG Pro support to set notifications when last shutdown of Mac was not normal, like power failure on Macs without battery, or if battery is low on health. You can also select custom sound for notifications, which is useful in case like when you are playing a game and you want to be notified when temperature is too high, but at the same time you don’t want to be disturbed.

If you don’t like predefined sounds, place your custom sounds here:


Or while in the Finder, click on “Go” in menubar and then hold Alt key to display folder “Library” in pop-up menu. After opening folder “Library”, open subfolder “Sounds” and place your sound file here.

TG Pro is a paid software, but it’s worth to buy to prolong lifetime of your expensive Mac.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

TG Pro

TG Pro on developer’s website

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