Leaked picture hints the date of iPhone event in September

iPhone 6sApple just released the 7th beta of upcoming iOS 13 for iPhones and iPadOS for iPads. Prying eyes of developers check almost everything what is checkable and it often results in hints about upcoming Apple’s strategy. In the most recent beta, an image hidden within update appeared with name “HoldForRelease” showing the possible day of this year’s iPhone event. If it’s right, the big iPhone event should be set to Tuesday the 10th. Interesting is, that something similar happened also last year, when picture with Calendar app icon “set” to September the 12th leaked. And really, the 2018 iPhone event was really at September 12.

Just look at leaked image:


Most recent iPhone events were set to the second week of September, generally on Tuesdays. And yes, the 10th September 2019 is Tuesday.

Based on experiences from recent years, if September 10 is really date of iPhone event, pre-orders will be accepted since September 13 and launch could be set at September 20. Apple releases new iOS (and this year probably iPadOS too) two days ahead of when new iPhones become available, so iOS 13 could be released on September 18.

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