macOS Catalina and 32-bit apps – how to detect them?

macOS Catalina DarkIn upcoming macOS Catalina, there will be many changes. One of them will be the end of 32-bit apps support. Most current apps for macOS are already 64-bit. If you are using macOS Mojave, you may saw a warning window with info that your app is not optimized and it won’t work with the future versions of macOS. This window appears when you are trying to run 32-bit apps. Something similar happened to iOS 11, which dropped support for old 32-bit apps for iOS. If you are not sure, how to check if all your apps are 64-bit, I prepared for you a quick guide. No extra software required, required tool is already in macOS itself.

This tool is called “System”. You can find it in “Applications” folder in subfolder “Utilities”. Or just use Spotlight. After launching this app, go to “Software” section and choose “Applications”:

System Information

Click here for full-sized screenshot

Now just click on “64-Bit (Intel)” section. It will sort out apps by 32-bit and 64-bit. If any of your apps is 32-bit and you plan to upgrade to macOS Catalina, contact developer if there are plans to update old 32-bit version of app to 64-bit. If not, there is the only way – just find alternative.

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