Microsoft drafted famous streamer from Twitch to its own streaming service

By | 06/08/2019

Twitch LogoWhat’s interesting on watching other streamers playing computer games? It’s something like watching other professional players playing football. Someone likes watching his popular NBA team playing basketball, someone likes to watch Twitch streamers playing his favorite game. I’m mostly watching Warcraft 3, but I’m also watching Doom speedruns on YouTube. I start watching game videos when I was finding on YouTube how to beat Doom II on Nightmare difficulty skill. Though Twitch is probably the most known game streaming service, Microsoft also started its own platform.

Microsoft started its service called “Mixer”. The problem is, that such services depend on content creators and Microsoft knows it. One of the most popular games is currently Fortnite, so Microsoft drafted Ninja – Richard Tyler Blevins. Ninja is a professional streamer from Twitch playing Fortnite. He has over 14 000 000 followers on Twitch and with such numbers of followers is Ninja the most popular streamer.

It’s not know how many Microsoft payed to Ninja, but since now, he will stream exclusively on Mixer. Amount payed to Ninja must be very high, it’s hard to abandon Twitch account with over 14 000 000 subscribers.

Twitch started at the beginning of the popularity of streaming, so it got strong position. It’s questionable if this draft will help Mixer to gain popularity. If we look in the past, Microsoft lost the battle on mobile platform market, because Microsoft’s Lumia phones with mobile Windows came too late and frequent changes to APIs did not attracted many developers. Market was already ruled by dominant Android and Apple’s iOS. We will see, if such acquisitions will help Microsoft’s service.

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