Facebook will add its name to Instagram and WhatsApp

Facebook LogoFacebook is the biggest social network in the World. On many websites and blogs there are social buttons with Facebook (and other social networks) to follow your favorite web content creator. Some users don’t use Facebook because of privacy issues. Personally, I replaced Messenger with Telegram. Someone may say that he is not using Facebook, because he is using Instagram and WhatsApp. Pretty embarassing, when someone notes that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are the same company.

Instagram and WhatsApp were acquired by Facebook company before a long time. Now, Facebook company will rename them – “Instagram” to “Instagram from Facebook” and “WhatsApp” to “WhatsApp from Facebook”.

This may be confusing, because Instagram/WhatsApp/Facebook should work at its own. It’s unclear what led Facebook company to this action, but it’s known that Facebook is slowly losing its popularity, especially between young users, which often prefer Instagram and WhatsApp over Facebook. Another reason may be the antitrust investigation in USA, so Facebook company may better defend itself against spliting up.

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