Samsung announced hi-end Android tablet

By | 01/08/2019

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6In the beginning, tablets were very popular, but now sales are lower. It’s not only because of longer lifespan of tablets without any significant software or hardware improvements, but they are also canibalized by big smartphones. The biggest smartphones are matching size of smaller tablets, so there is no reason why such owners should purchase a tablet. Also, most customers use their tablets just for media consumption, and older tablets are still powerful enough to watch YouTube videos, to browse the web and to chat via Messenger or WhatsApp. Even Google itself stopped selling its own tablets.

I’m fan of big tablets, personally I have 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Content consumption is great on hi-end tablet, a high quality touch display and four speakers make joy to watch videos or movies, though it’s on you if you can justify buying yourself such expensive tablet just for media consumption. As for me, my iPad Pro is, alongside content consumption, work machine and it works and synchronizes great with my desktop iMac. I’m fan of combo of big tablet with external keyboard (as laptop replacement) and big desktop computer.

There are not many manufacturers of Android tablets. While Apple advertises its tablets as professional devices, especially iPads Pro, Android tablet market is stagnating. One of the manufacturers of hi-end Android tablets is Samsung and now, Samsung announced new tablet – Galaxy Tab S6.

You can do all what you do on any regular tablet, but Samsung says it’s tablet focused on productivity. Unlike in case of Galaxy Tab S4, Samsung placed here the most powerful Snapdrag SoC – Snapdragon 855. With its power it’s comparable to 2018 iPads Pro. It also features 6 or 8 GB RAM and 128 GB or 256 GB of storage expandable by microSD cards.

The display is a 10.5-inch WQXGA AMOLED panel with an integrated fingerprint sensor.

Samsung offers S-Pen, which now works with Samsung DeX on Galaxy Tab S6 and keyboard now features a trackpad, which puts a cursor on the display within Android and it also offers function keys. Keyboard is not sold directly with tablet, it’s an additional purchase, but till September 22, if you pre-order Galaxy Tab S6, you are eligible to get 50% off its regular 180 USD price.

S-Pen got some improvements from the Galaxy Note 9 with Bluetooth connectivity. It’s charged wirelessy by putting the stylus on the back of tablet. S-Pen visually matches all color variants – Mountain Gray, Cloud Blue and Rose Blush – and it’s sold with tablet, so no additional purchase is required.

I know that taking photos and recording videos with relatively big tablet looks funny, but Samsung also improved camera system. The Galaxy Tab S6 features a dual-camera setup on the back which adds a wide-angle lens to the device to capture more of the scene around you. It offers a 12 MPix primary sensor and and a 5 MPix sensor for wide-angle.

Tablet features USB-C for charging the 7040 mAh battery, but you won’t find a headphone jack and there is no dongle in the box.

And price?

This premium Android tablet is priced at 649 USD. Pre-orders for the Galaxy Tab S6 start on August 23rd with availability starting September 6th. Version with LTE connectivity will be available later this year. You can pre-order this tablet on Samsung’s webpage.

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