iPadOS beta 5 – finally tuned Share Menu

iPadOS IntroAre you betatesting iPadOS? It’s truth that you shouldn’t do so on productive device, but I risked it and installed iPadOS from the very first public beta release. It’s stable, though some features don’t work exactly on 100% as they should, but it’s usable. I’m excited by new Share Menu (I reference it as “Open with…” menu in older reviews) and it works great! And with actual beta of iPadOS, it gets better, because in iPadOS it was redesigned.

Apps are in one row and you can customize which apps are available directly and which ones are only shown after tapping dedicated “More” button. As for extensions, they are now in column. It better utilizes iPads’ big screens and you can even add here Siri Shortcuts actions, so they are no longer under one dedicated “Siri Shortcuts” button, but Siri Shortcuts are now shown as extensions – of course based on document type you are opening with Share Menu. If you set a shortcut to be only working with images, you won’t see that shortcut while opening, for example, Word document.

Rearranging Extensions in Share Menu is still pain – when you rearrange Extensions in Photos app and then you rearrange Extensions in Safari app and then you turn back to Photos app, they won’t remain in the same position. You have to do it again and again till you won’t get right positions. This is especially hard, if you have many 3rd party apps which extensively use the Share Menu Extensions.

Apple today released new public beta of iPadOS and it added nice Share Menu capability:

iPadOS New Share Menu

Now I can separate Share Menu extensions to Favorites, to extensions belonging to current app and to Other Actions.

In really glad that Apple finally redesigns Share Menu. The last update was in iOS 8, which allowed custom Share Menu Extensions and ability to rearrange icon of apps and extensions. I will investigate it deeper and let you know if it helps or if not.

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