GitHub is blocking access from some areas due to US sanctions

GitHubFuture is in the cloud. You may say yes or no, but some services are already – obviously – cloud-based, like e-mail or social networks. Also, some kinds of Internet services are expected to work as cloud service – like GitHub, a code-hosting service used by many software developers. And fact, that GitHub is cloud-based service, means that it’s vulnerable to sanctions. We all know about the Great Firewall of China, but USA is dictating to whole World which country is eligible and which not to use products from all other countries.

GitHub was purchased last year by Microsoft for $7.5 billion and it’s based in the USA. Iranian developer Hamed Saeedi said in a post on, that his GitHub account was blocked. Another affected user is Anatoliy Kashkin, the Crimean programmer. He reported that GitHub has blocked him from creating new private code repositories and disabled his existing ones. He confirmed these restriction in e-mail for Business Insider.

GitHub said that it is trying to comply with US trade laws and noted that the Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria are all under US trade sanctions. It’s unclear why some users were only blocked recently, because in some cases these sanctions are in place for many years.

GitHub said:

To comply with US trade control laws, GitHub recently made some required changes to the way we conduct our services.

As US trade controls laws evolve, we will continue to work with US regulators about the extent to which we can offer free code collaboration services to developers in sanctioned markets.

We store our files on Google Drive, someone is creating YouTube content for living, we are listening to Spotify. This GitHub cause is a clear example, how regulators (and censors) from country of freedom work and may destroy a business to innocent citizens of “wrong” country.


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