Tech firms “can and must” put backdoors in encryption, said US Attorney General

Free SpeechPrivacy is a fundamental human right. In the past, most communication was not encrypted, so government could spy upon you. Today, we use end-to-end encryption. Though, some end-to-end services are not “reliable”, like we may see at Facebook’s Messenger or its owned WhatsApp, which co-worked with government. Maybe you remember cause with Apple and shooter in San Bernardino, California in December of 2015. Government urges companies like Apple and Telegram to install backdoor into their encryption algorithm. If you are not a terrosist, why are you afraid of? Yea, we know.

Personally, I use Telegram. I switched from Messenger because of privacy and security issues. I have still many “Facebook-only” contacts, so I use web browser to chat with them, though I’m not happy with it. I’m not a terrorist, but I value my privacy and I don’t want to allow anybody to spy upon my communication.

But US Attorney General William Barr doesn’t think so. He said that tech companies should add a backdoor to their encryption, which could help the government to investigate illegal activities, even before they are done – like in Minority Report movie, where is shown how can be such technology abused.

William Barr used emmotional speech about victims of criminals and terrorists using encrypted communication, so government could not prevent it. From someones’ sight this kind of spying from government is accetable, but please note:

Why we should trust to leaders of the most aggressive army in the World, which is responsible for most of the wars since 1776? Do you remember cause with NSA and Edward Snowden, where USA were eavesdropping their own allies?

Also there are security questions about implementation of such technology. Humans are humans and everyone makes mistakes. Can you imagine what could happen if a zero-day vulnerability appeared? NSA was reportedly using EternalBlue for over 5 years. When it was leaked by hackers, WannCry ransomware appeared and it made huge damages, even to USA itself (read HERE and HERE). If NSA itself is unable to secure its own secret “technology”, how we can trust government if some kind of backdoor would be implemented into all communication platforms?

Such backdoor could be used to eliminate political opponents or humans without “right mind”. We have to learn from history. If we want to go to the edge, imagine early 30s in Germany, where many jews were proud of their origination and religion. We all know what happened few years later…

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