Apple’s rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro will be really expensive

MacBook Pro Touch BarI remember my first personal laptop. It was MacBook White Early 2008 with 1 GB RAM and Intel GMA X3100 graphics. I was student and this laptop purchased my parents for doing school stuff and tasks. And also to write notes instead of using old-school pen and paper. Would you buy a 999 USD laptop for your kids? Yea, price is pretty high, but still nothing in compare to the price of rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro. Current MacBook models are IMHO overpriced and the new rumored one will set the price to the new level.

As we informed HERE, the new rumored MacBook Pro should be aimed to the professionals. Apple was previously offering 17-inch models, which were discontinued in 2012. Some users just prefer big screen laptops, because of combo of relatively big screen and still good portability.

Price? It should be “amazing” – from about 90 000 to 100 000 taiwan dollars, says Taiwan news Economic Daily News, noted server Here in Europe, it’s about 2600 – 2900 Euro, but official Taiwan prices are lower than official prices in Europe. 15.4-inch MacBook Pro starts here at 2700 Euro. In Taiwan, 15.4-inch models start at 77 900 Taiwan dollars, so if new rumored 16-inch model will set the price at 100 000 Taiwan dollars, the price in Europe could be about 28% higher than base 15.4-inch model already sold in Europe.

As I said, I think that Macs, both desktops and portables, are overpriced, with exception of 5K iMac because of hi-end 5K display. It’s rumored that in 2020 we will see first ARM-based Macs, so it could also affect sales of current Macs.


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