YouTube Music finally fuses music and videos

YouTube IconWorld is changing and many of us do not buy music anymore, in both digital and physical form. We have streaming services for few bucks monthly – or even free with some limitations – and we can listen to (almost) every song. Yea, there are still exclusivities, so it’s still not ideal, but much better as it was in the past. There are many services, like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and YouTube Music. And I will talk about the last one. Google finally fuses music videos with songs, all under one hood.

YouTube Music service always allowed to play songs and music videos, but these types of media were separated, so when you had some songs in your playlist, you had to find videoclips manually. But since now, in Google’s mobile app, it will be much easier with fast switching.

YouTube Music pairs songs and music videos, so you will have all in one place, not separated as it used to be. You can easily switch if you want to watch video, or just music. Yea, you were allowed to turn off video and listen to audio (from video), but now it will also switch audio track when turning to “song only” mode, so you can avoid clip-specific aspects like special effects or pauses. It is synchronized, so you can freely switch between music videos and songs and you won’t miss anything.

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