Tip: how to add custom LUTs directly to Luminar and Aurora HDR for Mac

LuminarLuminar and Aurora HDR are my apps of choice for “common” and HDR photos. Tidy user interface combined with powerful photo-editing features in both of apps make them a beast for both professional and amateur photographers. Unlike products from Adobe, there is no subscription, Skylum releases new major versions every year with about 50% discount for those who already own license from previous major release. Last year, Skylum decided to release new Luminar free of charge. As for older releases, you don’t have to do paid upgrade if you don’t want, older versions of Luminar and Aurora HDR are fully usable without restrictions, you just won’t get new features.

Luminar and Aurora HDR support LUT – it serves to quickly enhance the coloring of your images. The same LUTs can be used in both Luminar and Aurora HDR. There are already some default LUTs with fast preview while holding mouse over chosen LUT. That’s cool, but if you want to add your custom LUTs, you have to manually locate them on computer and to apply manually. Unlike built-in LUTs, there is no fast preview and you have to apply custom LUT to see results. Only five recent custom LUTs are shown in menu. But hopefully, there is a workaround.

It’s simple – just find your Luminar or Aurora HDR icon in Applications folder (or just use “Go -> Applications” from top menu while using Finder) and then use right-click and choose “Show Package Contents”. Then navigate to Contents ⁩-> ⁨Frameworks⁩ ⁩-> ⁨MPLuminar2018Resources.framework⁩ ⁩-> ⁨Versions⁩ ⁩-> ⁨A⁩ ⁩-> ⁨Resources⁩ ⁩-> DefaultLUTs⁩. There are default LUTs. Just copy your custom LUTs to this place and they will be shown alongside defaults ones within Luminar/Aurora HDR apps.

I recommend to close Luminar/Aurora HDR before adding custom LUTs.

After installing new version of both of the apps, you custom LUTs may be removed. Solution is simple – if your custom LUTs dissappeared from menu, just copy them again to place mentioned above.

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