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By | 06/07/2019

iPhone 6sIn compare to accessories I use for my iPad Pro, my count of iPhone accessories is pretty poor, but still worth it. I use my iPhone 6s as a mobile communicator, so don’t expect any complicated workflow. It’s just companion to my iPad Pro and desktop iMac. Before iPhone, I had some other smartphones, including Android-based smartphones and Lumia 640 powered by Windows 10 Mobile. Even my iPhone is older model, it’s the best smartphone I ever had. I have always the latest release of iPad Pro, but I’m satisfied with my iPhone model – yea, it’s just communicator.

Generally, I have four iPhone accessories. Let’s start with the most essential – a protecting case.

UAG Metropolis Case

To protect my iPhone, I’m using UAG Metropolis Case. Someone may say that I’m mad, 40 euro for a case? I can buy much cheaper case from eBay. Yea, that may be truth, but solution from UAG is much more touch friendly, it protects better that cases for few bucks from eBay and also it looks representative and luxurious. I’m pretty addicted to design – that was also the first thing I noticed on Apple products – so having a nice case is must for me. Even for cheap phone. And it’s Apple Pay compatible.

You can purchase UAG Metropolis Case HERE.

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

These wired EarPods connect to my iPhone 6s via 3.5 mm Audio Jack, which is not present in iPhone 7 and newer. These EarPods provide great sound for its budget price and it also provides volume control and microphone. I mostly hear to music played from my iMac with my JBL LSR 305 repros, but it’s always nice to have an option to hear to music when I’m out of my room. As bonus, it also provides volume control and microphone.

You can purchase Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic HERE.

Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader

This is my legacy adapter, because I use my iPad Pro as mobile work machine, but it’s nice to have another option. Originally I purchased it for my former iPad, but it works fine with iPhone 6s. I use this adapter rarely, but I will rather keep this adapter – that 2 or 3 bucks I could get it by selling it is not worth.

You can purchase Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader HERE.

Lightning to USB Camera Adapter

Another legacy adapter. It serves as adapter to connect digital camera to iOS devices to import photos via USB. You can’t connect external USB storage to iPhone – it’s limited to iPads powered by iPadOS. If you try to connect external storage, like USB stick, it will just show that connected device requires too many power. It’s not just software limitation, but also hardware limitation – Lightning ports do not have enough power to supply such devices.

You can purchase Lightning to USB Camera Adapter HERE.

So these accessories I use with my iPhone 6s. Which accessories are you using and why?

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