Microsoft Windows’s 10 Your Phone app now works better with Android

By | 05/07/2019

Windows 10 LogoWith OS X Yosemite and iOS 8, Apple announced new package of features called Continuity. It serves as closer connection between Macs and iOS devices. You can call from your Mac using paired iPhone or to start working on one device and to continue on another device thanks to feature called Handoff. It’s much more, and Microsoft also plans to do something similar with Windows 10 and its app “Your Phone”. Because mobile Windows is officially dead, Microsoft is focusing on smartphones from other vendors, especially Android-based smartphones. Since now, you can test sending notifications from Android smartphone on your Windows 10 computer.

This new feature was under testing for few weeks and now it moves to the stable version, so you can test this new feature. When you get a notification on your Android device, it will be “copied” to your Windows 10 PC. You can also turn off notifications from unwanted apps. Unfortunately, notifications from Android can be only read.

Thanks to recent update of Your Phone, you can sync your data even via cellular network, so you din’t need a wi-fi.

Your Phone app is much more complex. With the Your Phone app you get instant access to your smartphone’s photos, texts, and more right on your computer. Because it’s, unlike Apple’s solution, running on multiple platform, it will be harder for Microsoft to develop its app to the level of Apple’s solution, which is limited to operating system’s from Apple. Android itself is from Google and it’s edited by vendors selling their smartphones (till you don’t have a “clean Android”) and also many manufacturers are building their own PC models. And I don’t count users, which build their own custom PCs.

You will need an application for both Windows 10 and Android. For Windows 10, you can download it HERE and app for Android is available HERE. As for Android, you will need Android 7 or higher. Version for iOS is not planned.

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