Dying Windows Phone is dead even more

By | 04/07/2019

Windows 10 LogoI was resisting to smartphones for the long time, though I had iPad already, but finally I decided to get my first smartphone. It was Lumia 640 running Windows Mobile. It was low-end model, but system was very fast and without lags. I had also some Android smartphones before I finally got an iPhone, and I have to said that I liked Microsoft’s mobile Windows more than Android. Problem with mobile Windows was mostly in apps – a lot of developers are just focusing on Android and iOS and Microsoft was also often making changes to API. Another issue was with Windows Phone 7.5, when a lot of smartphones did not get Windows Phone 8. And though Microsoft said that all smartphones with Windows 8.1 will get Windows 10 Mobile, it did not happen.

In 2018, Microsoft said it will stop to distribute updates for mobile apps to smartphones with Windows 8.x or earlier. Developers were still able to update their apps, but updates will be only available for Windows 10 Mobile.

Year passed and since 1st July, users of Windows 8.x and earlier are no longer allowed to get updates for their already installed apps. It also applies to security updates. Developers can still update their apps, but as was said, these updates will be only available for Windows 10 Mobile users. Microsoft stopped accepting new apps for Windows Phone Store since October 2018 and Microsoft continues with slow death of its mobile platform.

Official support for mobile Windows was ended before two years. I liked Windows 10 Mobile and it’s sad that Android got monopoly and the only competitor is iOS from Apple.

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