My accessories I use with my iPad Pro

By | 03/07/2019

iPad Pro 2018My iPad Pro is my work tool, so I use some accessories with it. As I write a lot, I needed a keyboard and a stylus for better navigation, taking notes and working with photos. Also, I have some other accessories, like USB-C dock and adapters. My USB-C dock shines with iPadOS 13, because I can connect external storage and to directly work with my files right on my iPad Pro, no extra apps needed. When you are using iPad Pro in terrain, you should consider a good powerbank. With my friends, I plan to record a movie and I don’t want to risk discharged battery. iPad Pro is a great tool, if you know how to use it and if you got right apps. So now, I will describe my accessories I’m using with my iPad Pro.

First, here is a list:

  • Apple Pencil 2
  • Smart Keyboard Folio
  • HyperDrive 6-in-1 USB-C Hub
  • RAVPower Filehub Plus
  • Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic
  • USB-C to USB Adapter

Apple Pencil 2

I’m not a professional designer, but I like Apple Pencil 2. I use it mostly for navigation due to better precision. I’m still using fingers, but I prefer to navigate my iPad Pro with stylus. It has very low latency (9 ms) and it also supports gestures – for example, I can switch between drawing and erasing mode with two taps. Developers can use Apple Pencil 2 APIs for their apps, so you can, for example, select whole paragraph of text by double tap or even take a photo, though I have never seen camera app which implements this kind of functionality, but it’s possible. It has a pressure sensor and while drawing, you can use tilt for shading. Unlike the first generation, the second generation of Apple’s stylus is recharged wirelessly, just attach stylus into charging area of your iPad Pro and thanks to magnets, you can move your iPad Pro freely without worrying about safety of your stylus. Also, by this way you can pair your Apple Pencil 2 with iPad Pro, just attach your pencil and that’s all. Please note, thant second generation of Apple Pencil only works with iPads Pro 2018 models.

You can purchase Apple Pencil 2 HERE.

Smart Keyboard Folio

As a blogger, I write a lot and not always on my desktop Mac, so I need an external keyboard. It was hard to find external keyboard with Slovak layout with possibility to use it on many kinds of surfaces (not only flat ones), legs or even in the bed. The only keyboard which provides me requested features, was Smart Keyboard Folio. It’s powered by Smart Connector, so it does not need a battery. Also, connection via Smart Connector is more stable than its Bluetooth counterpart and no pairing required. Just attach and you are ready. Generally, external keyboards with Smart Connector are pretty rare and expensive and Smart Keyboard Folio is not an expection. This keyboard protects my iPad Pro when I’m carrying it in the bag and thanks to the magnets, it’s very stable, I’m only missing backlighted keys. Another improvement over Smart Keyboard for previous iPads Pro is that I can switch between two angles, not just one. Please note, that Smart Keyboard Folio is only compatible with iPad Pro 2018 models.

You can purchase Smart Keyboard Folio HERE.

HyperDrive 6-in-1 USB-C Hub

iPad Pro 2018 got one USB-C port. Since iPadOS 13, you can directly attach external storage to iPad Pro, so I have purchased this dock. It provides six ports: USB-A, USB-C, SD, Micro SD, 3.5 mm Audio Jack and HDMI. USB-A port offers up to 5 Gbps speed and MicroSD and SD memory card slots offer up to 104 MB/s speed. You can even use dock and still recharge your iPad Pro via USB-C port, thanks to USB-C Power Delivery, up to 60 W. HDMI supports 1080p@60Hz, 2K@60Hz, 4K@30Hz and 3.5 mm Audio Jack features USB 2.0 Audio, 48KHz, 16-bit Audio Input/Output and TRRS. Design matches beauty of iPad Pro and it’s fully compatible with Smart Keyboard Folio.

You can purchase HyperDrive 6-in-1 USB-C Hub HERE.

RAVPower Filehub Plus

Before iPadOS 13, you couldn’t directly attach external storage into iPad. It needed some workarounds, like RAVPower Filehub Plus. Just connect your USB device into this small device and connect it via wi-fi network to apps like FE File Explorer Pro, FileBrowser or Documents by Readdle or any other apps that can access wi-fi devices. Now, when iPadOS will be released as final version in September 2019 and my iPad Pro got USB-C, RAVPower Filehub Plus is still not just a legacy device. It has more features, like SD Card reader, ability to use this device as wi-fi router (!) and to bridge and to extend wi-fi, to stream video over HDMI and it also serves as powerbank with capacity of 6000 mAh (5V/1A) – capacity of battery in my iPad Pro is 9720 mAh. Since iPad Pro got USB-C port, you can now recharge both iPad Pro and this RAVPower Filehub Plus. If you connect cable to iPad’s Pro USB-C port and USB-A port in the RAVPower Filehub Plus, then it will recharge iPad Pro. If you use USB-C to USB-A adapter (mentioned bellow) and then you connect cable to USB-A adapter and Micro USB in RAVPower Filehub Plus, it will recharge RAVPower Filehub Plus.

You can purchase RAVPower Filehub Plus HERE.

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

These wired EarPods connect to music players via 3.5 mm Audio Jack, which is not presents in iPads Pro 2018 and in newer iPhones (since iPhone 7), but thanks to HyperDrive 6-in-1 USB-C Hub, I can connect my EarPods to iPad Pro too. Also, I have iPhone 6s, which still features an Audio Jack. I don’t use this accessory very often, but it’s handy to have that option. It also provides volume control and microphone.

You can purchase Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic HERE.

USB-C to USB Adapter

Simple adapter, which converts your USB-C port into classic USB-A port. Interesting is, that with this adapter you can use your USB-A mouse in iPadOS 13 – just enable it in Accessibility settings. It just basic adapter, but it works great when I need to get some juice to RAVPower Filehub Plus from my iPad Pro.

You can purchase USB-C to USB Adapter HERE.

So these accessories I use with my iPad Pro. Which accessories are you using and why?

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