Facebook wants the stories everywhere

By | 01/07/2019

Facebook LogoI don’t like Facebook, mostly because of privacy issues and personal data selling. And also I don’t like Zuckerberg as a person. Maybe are you asking why I’m on that Facebook? Because I have too many contacts and for most of them is Facebook main communication platform. Instagram and WhatsApp are popular between youngs, though more and more of them are moving to another platform. It’s funny to hear something like “I moved from Messenger, I use WhatsApp now”. Yea, if you did not know, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are the same company. Both Instagram and WhatsApp were acquired by Facebook.

One of the most favorite features are the Stories. And Facebook want to share Stories between all of its platforms. As for WhatsApp, Facebook company plans to share Stories with Facebook and Instagram apps. It’s not direct connection – it’s just native mechanisms for sharing, so no personal data are transfered.

WhatsApp Status, like Stories on Facebook and Instagram, are more and more popular. Between Facebook and Instagram, there is already automattic sharing – “story” from Stories is simple copied.

As for WhatsApp, it will be little different. It’s not direct connection, it’s just classic sharing. From app will come out just regular picture, which is loaded into Facebook or Instagram. Stories uploaded and shared by users may be the same from user sight, but they are completely separated and user data aren’t shared with mother company.

Maybe in the future, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp will be one big unified service. Who knows, and also don’t forget the regulators, especially those from European Union.

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