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Affinity PublisherAdobe products are here for years and became the industry standard. Since Adobe changed its pricing policy and turned into subscription model, many users are finding alternatives. The best competitor is Serif. It released Affinity Photo as Adobe Photoshop killer and Affinity Designer to replace Adobe Illustrator. Serif released its product for Mac and Windows, and, of course, for iPad. Maybe that’s reason why Adobe plans to release full Photoshop for iPads later this year. But something is missing… an InDesign alternative. But that’s no longer truth – Serif yesterday released Affinity Publisher for Mac and Windows.

I was watching Serif’s live keynote yesterday at 19:15 CEST (Slovakia), and I was amazed. It’s really good product – and that’s only based just on keynote. I’m not a professional graphic designer or a publisher of graphic material, but I love Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer and I will also purchase Affinity Publisher. I’m missing iPad version of Affinity Publisher, but Serif is working on it.

On the official webpage, Serif says:

Bring your vision to life with Affinity Publisher, the next generation of professional publishing software. From magazines, books, brochures, posters, reports and stationery to other creations, this incredibly smooth, intuitive app gives you the power to combine your images, graphics and text to make beautiful layouts ready for publication.

Affinity Publisher can import and export all major raster and vector files, including layered PSD, PDF, EPS formats. If you have print-ready documents in the latest PDF/X formats, Affinity Publisher can also output them.

Thanks to StudioLink technology, you can use Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer features directly within Affinity Publisher. Just purchase and install Afinity Photo and Affinity Designer, if you haven’t do so already, and you are ready to go.

If you are an iPad user, you can open, edit and export Affinity Publisher documents in iOS versions of Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. iPad version of Affinity Publisher will be available next year.

Pricing model is amazing. For just one-time payment of 54,99 USD without any subscription, you will get a professional InDesign killer. Serif also offers multiple way how to purchase it – for Mac users, you can use Mac App Store (Family Sharing is supported!) or Affinity Store. If you are Windows user, you can download from Affinity Store too or from the Microsoft Store. Licenses for Mac and Windows platform are sold separately.

If you are interested in, purchase it now to receive 20% discount.

Affinity Publisher on the Mac App Store:

Affinity Publisher

Affinity Publisher on the Microsoft Store:

Affinity Publisher

Affinity Publisher on the Affinity Store:

Affinity Publisher

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