Critical bug in Firefox, update ASAP

By | 19/06/2019

Mozilla FirefoxIn my initial Mac days, I was using Firefox as my default web browser, but later I was using Apple’s Safari and I use it still as my primary web browser. As secondary browser, I was later using a Google Chrome – mostly because of built-in Flash running in sandbox. But now I don’t need Flash and also I have issues with Google’s privacy policy and whole Google ecosystem itself, so that was my main reason why I switched back to Firefox as my secondary web browser. If you are using Firefox too, you should update it ASAP due to critical vulnerability.

According to Mozilla, the vulnerability is in implementation of JavaScript function Array.pop and it is abusable by manipulating JavaScript objects and it leads to abusable crash.

Mozilla does not say if attacker can runs his malicious code, but due to marketed this vulnerability as critical, it is possible, because according to US-CERT’s report, attacker can take control of an affected system.

Mozilla said that this vulnerability is already abused on the Internet and you should update your Firefox browser as soon as possible. Fixed browser’s versions are 67.0.3 and ESR 60.7.1.

Update is already distributed via automatic update. If something is not working, you can download updates from Mozilla’s website.

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