Hyper USB-C Hub HyperDrive 6 in 1 – first contact

By | 18/06/2019

Hyper USB - C Hub Hyperdrive 6 in 1Today I bought a little box from HYPER. It’s a hub for iPads Pro with USB-C port. Full name is “HyperDrive 6-in-1 USB-C Hub”. Just attach it to your iPad Pro and your single USB-C port on iPad will be extended to six ports – an USB-C with support for charging, a superfast USB-A port, a 3.5 mm Audio Jack, a HDMI, and two slots for MicroSD and SD memory cards. It is ready for upcoming iPadOS and its new USB-C capabilities, and when Apple released public beta of iPadOS in July, I will surely test it and then I will write longer review.

This toy is pretty small when using alongside 12.9-inch iPad Pro:


Click here for full-sized screenshot

In hands, it looks bigger:

Device In The Hand

Click here for full-sized screenshot

As first I tested 3.5 mm Audio Jack. iPads Pro from 2018 lack Jack connector, but thanks to this hub I can use my Apple EarPods. Sometimes I had to unplug hub from iPad to get it work, but it worked fine.

With iOS 12, USB-C and USB-A ports can’t be used for data transfer, but it will change with iPadOS, which added native support for external storage and you can forget about 3rd party useless and expensive external solutions with their crap apps. Native integration in Apple’s Files app is game changer and all your external HDDs/SSDs are no longer strangers in iOS ecosystem. Hyper USB-C Hub will be fully compatible with iPadOS, so you can buy it now without waiting if new version will be released. You can recharge your iPad Pro even with attached hub by using USB-C port on hub, thanks to Power Delivery feature, but charging by this way is slow. That may be annoying, but if you are using hub connected to your Mac via USB-C port and you are using other ports on the hub, you should not experience battery drain, if you are not using power-hungry devices.

Slots for MicroSD and SD memory cards are limited in iOS 12 – you can only transfer photos from memory card and memory card itself has to be formatted for digital camera use, so you won’t read SD cards from Android smartphones. This will be changed with iPadOS, so you will be able to fully work with SD cards, but not yet.

I haven’t tested HDMI yet, but device manufacturer said it support Full HD at 60 Hz, 2K at 60 Hz and 4K at 30 Hz. Cable should be no longer than 2 metres.

Also, I use another devices for my iMac, iPad and iPhone:

Another Adapters

Click here for full-sized screenshot

There are RAVPower FileHub Plus, two Lightning connector adapters (SD Card Reader + USB Adapter), one USB-C adapter (USB-C to USB-A Adapter) and my new hub itself. With all of these reductions, you can go crazy:

Do Not Go Mad

Click here for full-sized screenshot

I’m satisfied with this product and it works great with my Smart Keyboard Folio. When Apple releases iPadOS, I will return and I will write longer review.

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