New relationship labels and easier Memoji creation in Contacts app

By | 17/06/2019

Apple Contacts appContacts app on your iPhone or iPad is an example of simple app, which does what it should. As for me, as an advanced user, I’m using Cardhop by Flexibits to manage my contacts. It got version for both macOS and iOS and I’m using it because of customization. On iOS, you can also set your default app for e-mail, Twitter or maps. Numbers of supported 3rd party apps are very limited, but all apps I use, like Spark for e-mail and Tweetbot for Twitter are supported. Also I like Birthday notifications, so I don’t have flooded calendar with one-per-year events. I would be glad if these features were added into the default Contacts app, alongside with much better design, but it probably won’t happen.

Apple did not completely forget about Contacts app. Yea, the new features aren’t about what I requested above, but they may help for some users. New features are about new relationship labels and Memojis.

In iOS, there are many relationship options to choose from while creating or editing contact, but Apple says it will add “hundreds” of new, more specific relationship labels. If you are perfectionist like me, you will like this new update.

And now Memojis. It’s funny feature for kids, if you are looking on it from the business sight, but try to look at it from another view – as personalization feature. In earlier versions of iOS, you could only create Memoji for yourself, now you can add Memoji to any contact within your database directly via Contacts app.

It’s only on you if you like these new features, but I will still use Cardhop. Apple sometimes adds funny features and some tweaks, but it forgets to add features, which users want.

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