Next version of Google Chrome will eliminates Adobe Flash even more

By | 16/06/2019

Google Chrome IconDo you remember web animations and online games based on Flash technology? Or blinking clocks on many websites? It was a golden era of Flash. The beginning of end of this era was not only because of, in that times, upcoming HTML5 technology, but also tech companies, maybe you remember as Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs banned Flash in iPhones. The issues within Flash were not only about energy usage, but also security. Before years, when I needed Flash on my Mac, I haven’t installed Flash plugin into my Safari browser. I downloaded Google Chrome for this purpose, because in Google Chrome was Flash running in secured sandbox. Now, when Flash technology is officially dead, web browsers are eliminating traces of this technology. And Google Chrome is not exception.

The current version of Google Chrome is 75, but upcoming version 76 is already available as beta version. One of the significant changes is completely disabled Flash technology. All major web browser are eliminating Flash technology, but you still can install and use it, if you need it for some strange reasons or for legacy web pages. But Google Chrome went even further – native support for Flash is completely disabled. If you want to enable support for Flash, you have to do so via address “chrome://settings/content/flash” (without dashes).

Flash technology dominated the web for long time. Many websites, including YouTube, used Flash technology for videos and also many webs offered online games based on Flash technology. I know, in the past was almost impossible to reach these effects without Flash, but in today’s times of HTML5, Flash is no longer needed and you don’t have to download 3rd party plugins into your web browsers. From the sight of the common web user, you will have more secure web experience, better battery life and less heating mobile devices.

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