It’s official: Dashboard in macOS is dead

By | 14/06/2019

DashboardAs we have written about Dashboard elimination in upcoming macOS Catalina HERE, the end of Dashboard is now official, according to this changelog, informed server Macrumors. Dashboard was introduced in Mac OS X Tiger in 2005, so Apple is eliminating Dashboard after 14 years of service. There is no hope that Dashboard will return into macOS Catalina in future betas. Dashboard still works under macOS Mojave, but it’s clear that it’s a legacy feature.

Dashboard was disabled by default since OS X Yosemite (10.10), but still available if manually enabled within Mission Control in System Preferences. Some people liked its style as something like secondary desktop or overlay with useful widget, as weather, calculator or sticky notes. In mentioned OS X Yosemite, Apple enabled 3rd party widgets in Notification Center, so that was a sign of ending the Dashboard era. Personally, I won’t miss Dashboard, but some users don’t like its elimination in future macOS versions. I liked its 3D appearance in Mac OS X (Snow) Leopard, but since moving to flatter user interface in OS X Yosemite, Dashboard, which did not get an UI update, began feeling as stranger in macOS system.


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