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By | 10/06/2019

MactrackerApple released in its history many products since it was based in 1976 in California. Classic Macintosh, eMac, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, MacBook, iBook, PowerBook, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Newton, monitors… who has to remember them all? Having a database of all Apple’s product, without need of complicated web search or “googling”, would be nice. If you like Apple’s history, its product and services, or you just want to have a database for blogging or studying purposes, try Mactracker, the most complex Apple database in the world.

Mactracker is available on macOS and iOS. It’s a free utility, but you can donate. Design is clean and tidy, just look, how it looks on iPad:

Mactracker iPad Screenshot

Click here for full-sized screenshot

And it also looks wonderful on macOS:

Mactracker Mac Screenshot

In iOS version, it’s a big database with many data divided in few pages, like “General”, “Software” or “Memory and Graphics”, etc. You can add chosen Apple products as favorites or to display infos about your current device you are holding in your hands. Mactracker also lists all operating systems from Apple, including Classic Mac OS, and many Apple’s accessories. You can set units (US/Metric) and there are few currencies support, including US dollar and Euro. Interesting is URL scheme support. You can create a quick link to chosen device and use it in another apps, like Shortcuts from Apple. In macOS version I was unable to find this feature, but links created in iOS version also work in macOS version.

macOS version is basically the same (except mentioned limited URL scheme support), but some extra features are present. You can create smart categories, for example for filtering all devices compatible with AirDrop:

Mactracker Smart Category

Also, in macOS version you can use labels and interesting is option to list you own devices with some data like serial number, date of purchase, network informations and notes. Optionally, you can add Reminder alert, so you will be informed when warranty is about to expire.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:


Mactracker on the Mac App Store

And iOS version:


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