Dashboard was eliminated in upcoming macOS Catalina

By | 05/06/2019

DashboardDo you remember early 2000s? Colorful 3D design, live widgets on desktop, PDAs and smartphones used with stylus, Windows Mobile, Symbian, popular songs as ring tones and Yahoo! banners in web browsers? It’s all over. Now we have flat design without many details, PDAs are not very spread and smartphones with touch-friendly interface are no longer controlled by the stylus (“Who wants a stylus?”). Symbian, Windows Mobile and other mobile systems were replaced by Android and iOS, there are no more Yahoo! banners and as phone ring we use built-in tones – who does not know “Marimba” or “Opening”? And now, in macOS Catalina, we are saying goodbye to one of the remnants of old times – live widgets on desktop, or, as Apple called it, a Dashboard.

Dashboard was introduced in Mac OS X Tiger (10.4), housing widgets like weather forecast and 3D clock. For users like me was Dashboard not very useful, but I used anyway, and I have to say, that it looked really great, especially on Mac OS X (Snow) Leopard. MacBook White Early 2008 with Leopard OS was my first Mac computer, so I was growing in my Apple life on widgets.

Time passes, and times are changing. Some former popular features and aspects of computer world are getting old and they are being replaced with new technology. And the same applies to Dashboard-like features. In today’s days, there are not many users with desktop bloated by widgets, sticky notes and other similar stuff. It’s over.

Dashboard started to phase out in OS X Yosemite (10.10), but it was still available, even in macOS Mojave (10.14), but you had to enable it in Mission Control settings or to add Dashboard’s icon to the Dock. In macOS Catalina, which is currently in developer beta, there are no signs of it in the operating system. If you liked Dashboard, just deal with it, this is an end of one era and beginning of something better.

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