Apple raised mobile limit for App Store

By | 03/06/2019

(Mac) App StoreApple always limited amount of data you can use when downloading app from the App Store via mobile network. In Android, system will just ask you if you want to exceed quota and Android even allows you to set your own quota. I don’t know what Apple led to decision to limit mobile data for apps on App Store to (originally) 100 MB. Later was limit raised to 150 MB. You can’t override this limit even if you have an unlimited mobile network or high data plan. This is strange and pretty stupid. This made sense maybe in 2008 when first iPhone was released, but not today.

But now, you won’t believe, Apple raised limit to 200 MB! Apple limitations are sometimes very strange. Apple probably wants to save users’ mobile data, which are often very limited, but, as I said, you can’t override limit even if you have unlimited 4G connection. It’s true that Apple maybe wants to protect casual users, whose often don’t know if 500 MB mobile data plan is enough for mobile browsing and to protect itself against potential complains like “I downloaded one app from App Store and my whole month data plan is over”, but why Apple doesn’t allow to change this limit for advanced users?

This limit is applied to transfered data and not to app size. What it means?

In iOS 9, a feature called “app thinning” was released. It allows, for example, to only download components designed exactly for used device, so if you are downloading an universal app (for both iPhone and iPad) to your iPhone, only binaries for your iPhone model will be downloaded. This can be also used to prevent downloading resolution packs assigned to other iPhone models. Or in case of some apps – let’s say games – you can only download first 3 levels from the App Store and another levels can be downloaded later. So in real life, you may be able to download 250 MB app via mobile network, because your transfered data may be, for example, 180 MB – because of app thinning.

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