Apple is wiping iTunes links

iTunes LogoAs we yesterday wrote about retiring of iTunes, there are another hints that Apple is splitting up iTunes software and services. Apple is probably moving away from iTunes brand to introduce new Music app alongside other new apps and services and brand “iTunes” would be then obsolete. Apple from its iTunes page on Facebook removed all content, including posts, photos and videos. These data were available as of May 31, so Apple removed these data recently.

It looks like Apple migrated its iTunes content to its Apple TV page on Facebook, including not only all of the content but nearly 30 million likes and its original April 29, 2009 creation date. Also, Apple removed all content from its iTunes page on Instagram and added link to new Apple TV page on Instagram. When I looked at iTunes page on Twitter at 22:42 CEST, content was still there.

iTunes app itself is likely to be discontinued. It’s not known if users will be able to purchase music, movies and TV shows throught new rumored apps. Also, some links now redirect to Also, Apple is slowly dropping iTunes links for apps, podcasts, TV shows, movies and books replacing by links by category, like or This is another proof that Apple is moving away from iTunes brand.

Anyway, WWDC is here soon, in just 20 hours (in time of writing this article), so we will see which rumors were right and which ones were false.

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