iTunes may be retired after 18 years

By | 01/06/2019

iTunes LogoEvery owner of iPhone, iPad or iPod knows iTunes. It’s both loved and hated. While someone may say that Windows is funny OS which is turned off by pressing button called Start, other one may say that mobile phone – iPhone – is managed by music player. Personally, I would be glad for stand-alone sync app which may optionally work with pure music player, not bloated iTunes, which tends to do everything, even tasks not affiliated with music – like iOS backups and restoring iPhones. On Mac, I use iTunes for playing music, but I would never install iTunes on Windows-based PC, for both quality and security issues. Generally, never install apps from Apple on Windows, unless you are forced to do so.

With upcoming macOS 10.15, there are rumors that iTunes will be splitted into standalone apps – Music, TV, and Podcasts apps. This makes sense, as Apple want to get macOS and iOS more together. In iOS, these apps are already splitted, and Apple probably wants to keep parity across platforms.

iTunes was released in 2001 and Steve Jobs via press release said:

“Apple has done what Apple does best – make complex applications easy, and make them even more powerful in the process. iTunes is miles ahead of every other jukebox application, and we hope its dramatically simpler user interface will bring even more people into the digital music revolution.”

iTunes was criticized for being bloated software and new music app for Mac, wich will be reportedly called just “Music”, may be also aimed for Windows users to expand Apple’s services, like Apple Music, to other platforms. To be honest, if I was a Windows user, I would not pay for Apple Music, because of bloated iTunes and I would prefer Spotify. On the other side, new music app should be still used to manage iOS devices and iPods.

I’m looking forward to Monday’s WWDC, especially because of rumored focus on iPad. Apple will stream initial keynote from San Jose at 10:00 AM PDT.

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