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Is Apple moving away from Intel in Macs?

By | 29/06/2019

In 2005, Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs announced transition to processors from Intel. Apple was unsatisfied with progress of PowerPC technology. When in 2003 Steve Jobs announced Macs with PowerPC G5 CPU, he claimed that in the next year will be available CPUs with 3 GHz clock speed. After two years, IBM still not delivered such processors. The… Read More »

My feelings about first iPadOS public beta

By | 27/06/2019

iPadOS public beta was supposed to be released sometimes in July, as Apple said in WWDC 2019 keynote, but it’s here since last Monday. I was using it few days and now I will share my feelings. Generally, beta is pretty stable and new iOS 13 features are amazing. From native support of external USB-C disks to redesigned… Read More »

New 16-inch MacBook Pro from Apple?

By | 24/06/2019

Today’s biggest laptop from Apple has a 15.4-inch display. In the past, in the 2011, Apple discountinued its 17-inch sized MacBooks Pro. It’s not clear why Apple did it, but many IT professionals would value a big laptop. When I in 2013 upgraded my aging 13.3-inch MacBook White to 15.4-inch MacBook Pro, it was something awesome, screen was… Read More »

Florida city decided to pay 600 000 USD ransom

By | 23/06/2019

Ransomware is a malicious software, which encrypts your whole disk and then asks for big amount of money to get your data back. Sometimes, ransomware may encrypt also the whole network, like another computers or devices like NAS. Something like this happened to Baltimore city, as we informed HERE. And now, another US city – The Riviera Beach… Read More »

watchOS 6 will allows to delete many built-in apps

By | 22/06/2019

In our iPhones and iPads, there are many built-in apps. Not so many as in Android, especially if manufacturer or mobile carrier pre-installed many of their apps. Some apps in Android devices couldn’t be removed by classic way, you had to root your device. In the past, in Apple’s iPhones and iPads, there were some pre-installed apps, which… Read More »

Google abandoned its tablets

By | 21/06/2019

Tablets are here for ages, but they had very limited functionality and were very expensive. Some tablets (and old smartphones) even did not support touch and had to be controlled via stylus. And then, first iPad arrived. As Apple re-invented modern smartphone, it also re-invented modern tablet. Big touch screen with multitouch and simple interface were killing features.… Read More »

Affinity Publisher is here

By | 20/06/2019

Adobe products are here for years and became the industry standard. Since Adobe changed its pricing policy and turned into subscription model, many users are finding alternatives. The best competitor is Serif. It released Affinity Photo as Adobe Photoshop killer and Affinity Designer to replace Adobe Illustrator. Serif released its product for Mac and Windows, and, of course,… Read More »