Flipboard was hacked

By | 30/05/2019

FlipboardFlipboard is a curated news app. You can add many magazines created by people or hashtags and to enjoy great news “delivered” right to your device. It’s something like Apple News or other news services. Flipboard application is pretty good, available for Android, iOS, Windows or web browser. I like to read many great news. But recently, something wrong happened – Flipboard was hacked! Maybe you got e-mail from Flipboard service, so please change your password as soon as possible and use strong password.

Between June 2, 2018 and April 22, 2019, there was “unauthorized access” to Flipboard databases that leaked account information. Hackers gained access to usernames, names, email addresses and protected passwords. Hopefully, passwords were salted and hashed, so there is no easy way to crack. If you have connected Flipboard to some social services, like Twitter or Facebook, your digital tokens were deleted and you have to manually reconnect your accounts.

If you are using the same password on Flipboard and other services, change these passwords too. Hacker’s will probably try to get access to your e-mail accounts, if they find a way how to crack database. Anyway, you should use unique passwords on all your services and if possible, use two-factor authentication, especially on accounts like e-mail services or bank accounts.

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