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By | 27/05/2019

Readdle SparkWere you wondering how is possible to track e-mail sent to you? Yea, it’s possible. I’m talking about notification sent to sender when you open an e-mail message – so sender can track if you have opened his e-mail. It’s possible “thanks” to small tracking code included in an invisible 1 x 1 pixel image – a so-called pixel tracker – added to message or an attached document. Some e-mail clients say that they offer to track read status of your sent e-mails – they are doing it by this small pixel tracker. On the other side, some e-mails clients say they block such spying content. I tested some e-mail clients and I can confirm, that Spark by Readdle works on 100%.

For tracking purposes, I used Airmail. I turned on read status notifications and then I sent e-mail to my own e-mail account. After sending, I quickly closed Airmail and I was waiting for an e-mail and then I read that e-mail in another e-mail client. I repeated this few times, as I was using multiple e-mail clients and I want to test them all.


Airmail tracking code successfully passed. The only client that protected me against this tracking method, was Spark by Readdle. In times of my tests, even Outlook from Microsoft or Apple’s default client did not block that pixel tracker.

You can also protect yourself against tracking code, so you don’t have to use another e-mail client if you love your current one. Just turn off automattic loading of remote images. Some examples of wide-used e-mail clients:

macOS Mail app: go to Mail -> Preferences -> Viewing and uncheck “Load remote content in messages.”

iOS Mail app: go to the Settings app, tap Mail, then toggle the “Load Remote Images” switch to Off

Android Gmail app: in the Gmail app, select your account, tap on Images, and then select “Ask before showing.” If you are using a web browser and not a client, try an Ugly Email plugin.

Microsoft Outlook: open Outlook and choose Options -> Trust Center. Under Microsoft Outlook Trust Center, click Trust Center Settings. Make sure the “Don’t download pictures automatically in HTML email messages or RSS items” checkbox is checked.

Note: loading remote images in Microsoft Outlook is turned off by default.

I use Spark for years on my Mac and iPad. It’s free and available for macOS, iOS and Android. Only few business features are paid – like an e-mail delegation, so for almost all users is Spark a 100% solution.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

Spark – Email App by Readdle

Spark – Email App by Readdle

Spark on the Mac App Store

Spark – Email App by Readdle

Google Play

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