Apple released new 8-core MacBook Pro

By | 22/05/2019

MacBook Pro Touch BarYesterday Apple released new 13.3-inch and 15.4-inch MacBooks Pro. Apple continues its “the best Mac notebook display ever” campaign with 500 nits of brightness, P3 wide color gamut, and True Tone technology. It is equipped with Apple’s T2 security chip, Thunderbolt 3 ports, and immersive stereo speakers like prior machines. As for butterfly keyboard in prior models, which was faulty, Apple claims it uses new material that will cut down on the failure problems that users have seen and it also solves issues like double key presses and missed key presses. But the most significant update are new processors – up to 8 cores in high-end machine!

As Apple said, the new MacBook Pro offers two times faster performance than a 4-core MacBook Pro and 40 percent more performance than a 6-core MacBook Pro. Apple only recently equipped 13.3-inch models with 4-core CPUs and this core limit is still present. 6-core and 8-core options are limited to 15.4-inch models.

Apple’s laptops’ design is still the same, but new 16 or 16.5-inch MacBook Pro may be released in 2019 with brand-new design.

As for keyboard, if you own a MacBook with the third-generation butterfly keyboard, you can get it replaced with 2019 version. Butterfly keyboards are generally faulty and repair service is there for four years after the first generation arrived.

Note: MacBooks Pro without Touch Bar were not updated.

13.3-inch MacBooks start at 1799 USD and 15.4-inch models start at 2399 USD. If you max-out processor, RAM, GPU (15.4-inch model only) and storage, the price is set to 3499 USD for 13.3-inch model and 6549 USD for 15.4-inch model.

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