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By | 21/05/2019

Lyrical IconI can’t imagine working on my iMac without music. I does not matter, if I’m blogging or just browsing web, if I’m not working on video or watching YouTube, it’s high chance I’m listening to music played in background. For music, I use iTunes. While on macOS is iTunes great, on Windows it’s a garbage. Please do not install iTunes on Windows unless you got iPhone, iPad or iPod. Also, in iTunes is integrated Apple Music, but I mostly use my local music library – if I like a song, I usually download it. As music fan, I was finding widget for Notification Centre. I was using Silicio – which is great, but I prefer another widget – Lyrical.

Lyrical is a simple widget for your Notification Centre. It shows album cover art, name of singer & album, volume control, ability to star your song, time elapsed/remaining bar and ability to pause/resume currently playing song or option to skip to next/previous songs(s) in album/playlist. Interesting is, that last mentioned function does not affect your music queue, so if you want, for example, to listen again previous song from your long playlist, it won’t affect queue, all songs’ positions will remain the same.

Lyrical got a beautiful UI updated for newest macOS:

Lyrical Light

And it also looks great in macOS Mojave while Dark Mode is turned on:

Lyrical Dark

Lyrical offers integration.

Another great feature is ability to show your songs’ lyrics in Notification Centre. I have intentionally chosen song with short lyrics:

Lyrical Lyrics

In settings, you can set alignment and font size. Lyrics on widget are only shown if you add song’s text manually to your iTunes library.

I’m only missing notifications when new song is played, but it can be solved directly in iTunes. Just go to iTunes’s Preferences -> General and check “Notifications: When song changes”.

Full data for music played on Apple Music is only available when you add song or playlist into library.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:


Lyrical on the Mac App Store

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