DotA 2 and paid ability to block toxic players

DotA 2 LogoHere are many freemium games with in-app purchases for additional content, especially on mobile platforms. I play only one such game – Real Racing 3. Many cars cost over 600 gold and upgrades – which you need to pass to next races – can multiply the gold you needed for initial car purchase. With in-app purchases, you can make game progress much, much faster. You can buy 1019 gold… for 109,99 euro! Real Racing 3 is pure gamble and I recommend to avoid all games from EA on mobile devices.

Also, I play DotA 2, which is freemium too. But unlike Real Racing 3, DotA 2 is fully playable without in-app purchases. You can purchase new costumes for your favorite heroes or another voices for announcers. You can’t buy more powerful abilities or access to “premium only” heroes. And this is right. I understand that DotA 2 is for free and servers are not free of charge.

There are also many browser games, like “Bitefight” or czech “Divoké kmeny”. Most of these are fremium too – you can pay with real money for more powerful heroes and new abilities. Without these purchases, these games are unplayable. This is also main reason, why I don’t play such games. Another reason is, that these games are mostly never ending – game creators just open “new world” when old ones are “too full”. Also, most of these games need to be played whole day – because you get one game step, for example, every 15 minutes and if you don’t play these steps, you will lose it. These games are just gamble and you should avoid them all.

Back to DotA 2. There is a “Batle Pass” – a premium paid subscription that brings some new aspects to DotA 2, like cosmetics and other optional curiosities to the game. Recently Valve add new feature called “Avoid Player”. With this feature, you can “block” chosen player(s) after the game, so you will never play a game with this blocked player. By this way, you can avoid toxic players.

Problem is, that Battle Pass is, as was said, paid. The lowest price for Battle Pass plans is set to 9.99 USD.

You can mute toxic player(s) in actual game – this is standard feature packed in free DotA 2, but there is no guarantee that next game you won’t meet the same toxic player(s) again in your or opposite team.

You have to pay to completely avoid chosen player, but by players report, this feature merely allows you to express a preference not to play with someone — there is not a guarantee that you won’t see them again. It’s a shame, that Valve does not include this feature for free and even if you pay for it, it doesn’t work on 100%.

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