Let’s compare ProMotion and 60 Hz on the same iPad Pro

By | 19/05/2019

iPad Pro 2017ProMotion is a technology from Apple, that allows 120 Hz refresh rate on LCD screens. It’s not only about refresh rate, it also lowers Apple Pencil latency. ProMotion technology is available on iPads Pro from 2017 and iPads Pro from 2018. If you once got 120 Hz refresh rate display, you probably won’t want to return back to 60 Hz. Or yes? What about to test it? You can even try it in Apple’s iStores or in (almost) any premium reseller.

ProMotion-enabled iPads got “secret” setting to limit frame rate of display. These iPads Pro can dynamically change refresh rate to keep battery life as long as possible, but by limiting maximum refresh rate you can save little more energy from battery. This settings is available in iPads’ Pro settings app:

Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Display Accommodations -> Limit Frame Rate

So now, you can test 60 FPS frame rate and I guarantee that you won’t regret buying an iPad with ProMotion 🙂

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