Zdvihnut to – Slovak and Czech call blocker for iPhone

Zdvihnúť to?Since iOS 10, iPhones got a long awaited feature – blocking calls. Nobody loves telemarketing or spam calls. On the App Store, there are many call blocking services. I tried Truecaller, but it did not work – no activation SMS arrived – so I was finding somewhere else. And I found “Zdvihnúť to?” by Ján Čislinský. It’s a local call blocker, so it’s only usable on Slovakia (and Czech republic if you download czech version). Anyway, I love this app.

To get things work, after downloading app go to iPhone’s Settings -> Phone -> Call Blocking & Identification and enable “Zdvihnúť to?”.

Ready? Now launch app itself. It’s really simple:

1Blocker Screenshot

Click here for full-sized screenshot

Database is regularly updated and users can report spam calls too. You can even set to automatic block calls – for both numbers from database and for numbers reported by you. You can block neutral and negative numbers – personally I recommend only to block negative numbers, if you choose to enable automatic call blocking.

Zdvihnúť to? respects your privacy – no access to contacts or call log is required. I’m just missing ability to block spam SMS. If you miss this feature too, try to request it by “Akú novú funcionalitu by ste uvítali?” button, maybe we will have a luck in next app’s update.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

Zdvihnúť to?

Or czech version:

Zvednout to?

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