How to remote control FiLMiC Pro – the best video-recording app

FiLMiC RemoteIf you are about recording your movie with iOS device(s), it’s all about FiLMiC Pro. With its superior features, like extreme high recording bitrate, real-time histogram and wide accessories support, and if we add LumaFusion – the best video editor for iPad – you can have the ultimate mobile recording studio. But did you know, that FiLMiC Pro can be controlled remotely? For this purpose, FiLMiC Pro team developed app called “FiLMiC Remote”.

First, you have to set up a connection. For this purpose, I will use an iPad Pro as recording device and an iPhone as remote control device. On iPad Pro, after launching FiLMiC Pro, tap on FiLMiC’s settings icon:

iPad Pro Allowing Access

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Then click on “Device” button in the first row and enable “Remote Control” switch.

Now, on iPhone, launch FiLMiC Remote. You will see:

iPhone Remote Setup

Just tape on device’s name (in this case “Raynor’s iPad Pro”). Then confirm connection from iPhone on iPad’s Pro screen and select how long will be remote control access granted from pop-up menu.

Done. Now you control iPad’s camera from iPhone:

iPhone Remote Preview

And on iPad Pro, you will see:

1Blocker Screenshot

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FiLMiC Remote offers three modes:

  • Control
  • Monitor
  • Director

Control mode grants you full access. You can control all features available in FiLMiC Pro.

Monitor mode gives you cinema production capability. It provides four-up displays with powerful analytics: “Video preview” with reference video, “Waveform monitor”, which visually identifies signal brightness segmented from left to right across a video feed to provide a quick snapshot of brightness in your recorded video, “Vectorscape” to display color saturation, by channel, across the entire image, and “Histogram” for RGB composite, Luminance, Zone and RGB channel.

Director mode provides a clean video preview. It’s useful for providing a director or other member of crew a device to monitor the production remotely.

Also, there is a possibilty to use “preview only” mode. This mode allows you to control FiLMiC Pro on iPad Pro and iPhone running FiLMiC Remote will only serve for monitoring.

Both devices must be running iOS 11 or later.

FiLMiC Remote on the first device will connect to FiLMiC Pro on the second device via wi-fi. You can use both wireless connection from existing network, or, when no wi-fi network is available, you can use peer-to-peer network. Both FiLMiC apps have to run at the same time to get things work.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

FiLMiC Remote

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