Rare original iPod for sale on eBay

iPodIn October 2001, a legend was born – iPod. Although iPods are being killed by iPhones, there is still a lot of fans of classic iPods. Steve Jobs famously pitched the original iPod as offering “1,000 songs in your pocket.” It was something unbelievable, 5 GB of space in 2001? If you want, you can still get original iPod in unopened package – on eBay and it won’t be cheap.

Original iPod was priced at 399 USD. From today view, technology of that iPod is bypassed by 18 years of hardware evolution, but it has high historical value. Very high. If you want to get the very first iPod, check auction on eBay. Yea, in time of writing this article, it was priced at 19 995 USD!

Original iPod, alongside 5 GB hard disk, featured 2-inch grayscale LCD screen, FireWire port, iconic scroll wheel for simple navigation and provided 10 hours of battery life. It was 0.75-inch thick.

iPod was iconic product of Apple, but today’s industry is moving to streamed music. Classic selling of music – both on CDs/DVDs or in digital form – is declining due to services like Apple Music or Spotify. The only iPod capable of streaming music is iPod touch, thanks to iOS and App Store, but it was not updated since 2015 and Apple may kill iPod line entirely in the short future.

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