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By | 09/05/2019

SnapStatsiOS is a cut mobile version of macOS with interface optimized for touch devices. Under the hood, these operating systems are very similar, but iOS lacks many features found in desktop macOS. With built-in tools, there is no way to see, for example, how many RAM is free or average CPU usage. There are many apps which allow it, but “thanks” to limitations of iOS, even on an iPad Pro – marketed as a laptop replacement by Apple itself – these apps are not as powerful as on desktop Macs. If you want simple app with base infos about your iOS device without complicated details and with great widget in Notification Centre, I have found SnapStats.

My biggest reason, why I got this app, is the widget. I can see basics info about my iPad Pro, like free RAM or free disk space. Some of these data are available in iPad’s system settings, but having a nice widget with base data is very handy:

SnapStats Widget

As you see on screenshot, there are 5 categories of data: “Device”, “Network”, “Battery”, “Disk” and “RAM”. Let’s look deeper:


  • Name – name of your iOS device
  • System – version of iOS
  • SIM – supported SIM types
  • Platform Type – kind of device
  • Time Zone – time zone used in your iOS device
  • Up Time – time since last reboot


  • Connection – name of wi-fi or cellular network
  • IP Address – your current IP address
  • Data Sent/Received on wi-fi/cellular connection – statistics (Note: don’t trust any data usage meter, they all are inaccurate and reset after reboot due to iOS limitations)


  • Battery percentage – battery charge status in %s. It’s useless, if you have turned on to display battery percentage in iOS top left corner


  • Used space – amount of disk space you are currently using
  • Available space – free storage for your data and apps


  • Active Memory – memory in use
  • Inactive Memory – memory cache
  • Wired Memory – system memory
  • Free Memory – free memory, nothing to say
  • GPU Memory Allocation – iOS devices only got integrated graphics cards, which use RAM as video memory

Note: if you want to read more about how iOS (and other UNIX-like systems) manages the RAM, read THIS ARTICLE.

SnapStats is not only about widget. It’s also standalone app with more detailed stats:

SnapStats Device

Click here for full-sized screenshot

SnapStats Battery

Click here for full-sized screenshot

SnapStats Network

Click here for full-sized screenshot

SnapStats Memory

Click here for full-sized screenshot

SnapStats Storage

Click here for full-sized screenshot

SnapStats CPU

Click here for full-sized screenshot

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

SnapStats: Device Stats & Info

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