Edge for Mac is coming soon

By | 07/05/2019

Microsoft EdgeAt annual Build developer conference, Microsoft provided sneak peek of Edge for Mac. Edge is converting from its own rendering engine to Chromium, a rendering engine used by Google Chrome. Similarity is not only in rendering engine, but also in the look. In the past, Microsoft was developing Internet Explorer for Mac, which was default web browser for Macs between 1998 and 2003, when Apple released Safari in Mac OS X Panther, which was set as default browser for Apple’s Mac OS X. Now, Microsoft is returning with its Edge for Mac.

Some users may say, that this is just another Chromium browser, but for someones it may be more acceptable than Google Chrome because of privacy issues. Personally, I was using Google Chrome as secondary browser on my Mac in the past, because it included Flash Player, which was sandboxed, but since Flash technology is officially going to the software graveyard, I switched to Firefox as my secondary browser, because of privacy issues. Also, if you are using both Windows nad macOS, optionally with Office 365, Edge may be interesting choice. Edge is also available for Android and iOS, so it will great fit into your ecosystem.

Edge is successor of Internet Explorer and it’s set as default Internet browser in Windows since 2015.

Office 365 for Mac is great. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, all work great. Let’s see in first IT pros reviews, how good is Edge on Mac platform.

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