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By | 06/05/2019

Accupedo ProI decided to move more to improve my health. It’s scientifically proven, that you should do at least 10 000 steps per day. As owner of iPhone 6s, I was finding solid iOS app to measure my steps count while I have my iPhone in my pocket. I should be more responsible, because I often just leave my iPhone left at the table. Also, some apps measure number of steps by GPS – which is inaccurate, because it counts steps when I’m, for example, in the car. I was testing many step counter apps, and the best one I have found was Accupedo Pro by Corusen.

Since iPhone 5s with its A7 SoC, all iPhones include a special coprocessor for specific tasks to save battery life. This coprocessor also includes some extra features not available in older iPhones – like a built-in pedometer. Accupedo Pro can read data from this pedometer and to serve you a steps data in human language. You can measure distance walked, kilocalories burned, average speed and activity time – right on home screen of Accupedo Pro app:

Accupedo Pro Homescreen

As you see, my iPhone was today almost whole day on my table 😉

You can customize your goal, if default values does not fit your needs. Just set steps count, distance to walk, calories to burn, average speed and active time. For more accurate results, fill your personal data into profile: gender (male or female), units (imperial or metric), calories (kcal or kJ), Birthday (for age), height, weight and walk stride (usually 75 cm).

As sensing method, set to use Built-in Pedometer in the settings tab for the best results, but please note, that right after fresh installation of app, set to use “Health App” and allow Accupedo Pro to access Health app data, then set to use mentioned built-in pedometer.

As additional settings, Accupedo Pro offers four color themes and ability to set first day of week, to use chart animation and to set daily goal achievement feature.

For better understanding of your movement habits, Accupedo Pro offers a graph with options to control your data. You can view your history by hours of day, days in the week, days in the month and months in the whole year. Every view offers to show 3 kind of data: calories burned, distance walked and number of steps. You can watch full graphs since first installation of app, but when you need to reinstal or restore your iPhone, just don’t forget to backup your data into iCloud and after restore of your iPhone, just download saved data from iCloud – all can be done in Settings tab. Anyway, you should backup your data regularly. Source files from Accupedo Pro are stored in iCloud Drive, so you can copy these files for local backups, if you want another layer of backup.

In the History tab, you can see your data in other view – as data for every single day. You can view your number of steps, distance walked, kilocalories burned, activity time and average speed – the same values as on Accupoedo’s Pro home screen, but for selected day from history.

For current day, a widget with today’s data is available:

Accupedo Pro Widget

If you have Apple Watch, Accupedo Pro can sync your data between devices.

Accupedo’s developer offers both free and pro version, so you can test this great app before you purchase it.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

Accupedo-Pro Pedometer

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