What’s new in Apple Pencil 2?

By | 05/05/2019

Apple Pencil 2In 2015, Apple introduced first generation of iPad Pro and a brand new accessory – Apple Pencil. This stylus from Apple was primary for artists and it required Bluetooth and special layer on display – so that was reason why Apple Pencil only worked on iPads Pro. Using it was so easy – just press harder for thicker lines, lighter for thinner ones or create shading simply by tilting your Apple stylus. First generation of Apple Pencil was decent, so the second generation arrived in late 2018 and it supports only 2018 iPads Pro. What’s new within second generation? It’s evolution or revolution?

First, if you are gonna to get Apple Pencil, then check my Apple Pencil compatibility list. There is no iPad with support for both generations of Apple’s stylus, so, for example, iPads Pro from 2018 only work with 2nd generation.

OK, ready?

At first look, the new Apple Pencil looks slighty different. There is a special flat area. It serves for gestures on Apple Pencil to switch between modes, so you can, for example, switch between drawing and erasing mode. Apple itself offers settings to customize it for your needs:

Apple Pencil 2 Settings

Click here for full-sized screenshot

Of course, developers can play more with Apple Pencil 2 APIs, like to implement special events for double-tap, like choosing whole line in text editors. Magnets are strong, so your expensive stylus won’t drop from iPad by common movements.

So that’s first look. Now, how to pair it with iPad Pro and how to charge battery?

In portrait view, just attach flat area of stylus to right side. There is a magnetic connection and Apple Pencil 2 is charged wirelessly. Also, by this way, stylus is automatically paired with tablet. So easy.

Apple does not reveal more detailed infos, so it’s not officially said, for example, how many pressure levels offers Apple’s stylus.

User experience between two generations of Apple Pencil is same – if we don’t count flat area for gestures. You can navigate your iPad, you can draw, you can make annotations on PDF documents. Or to release your artist soul and to create amazing artworks in apps like Procreate. It’s only on you.

Delay is only 50 ms, to provide paper-like experience. If you have iPad Pro with ProMotion technology, delay is even lower – 20 ms. ProMotion technology is available in 2017 iPads Pro (support for 1st gen. Apple Pencil) and in 2018 iPads Pro (support for 2nd gen. Apple Pencil).

Apple Pencil 2nd generation is sold on apple.com for 129 USD (without taxes), while older Apple Pencil 1st generation is available for 99 USD (without taxes).

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