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By | 04/05/2019

Apple Pencil 2“Who wants a stylus?”, said Steve Jobs in 2007 at the initial iPhone reveal. A lot of previous touch devices really needed a stylus, but iPhone was a revolution – no stylus, just fingers. It may looks pretty funny, that in 2015, Apple revealed its own brand-new stylus – Apple Pencil. It worked only on iPad Pro, but later, a 2017 non-pro iPad got support too. It’s not just about software, Apple’s stylus also needed special layer on touch screen to get work. In 2018, Apple released second generation of Apple Pencil. Some iPads only works with first generation, and some iPads only works with second generation. If you are unsure which pencil to get, let us help you.

Apple Pencil 2nd generation was introduced alongside new iPads Pro in 2018. These iPads Pro replaced Lightning connector with USB-C port, so you can no longer charge 1st generation Apple Pencil. Instead, Apple’s 2nd generation stylus uses wireless charging. By magnetic adsorption, just place stylus at the right side (from the view of portrait mode) of iPad Pro and it will start charging. It looks much better than “funny” old style charging of older Apple Pencil via Lightning port.

iOS devices compatible with Apple Pencil 2 don’t work with first generation of stylus and vice versa. So if you plan to get iPad and Apple Pencil, you have to know which iPad and which Pencil to get:

Second generation of Apple Pencil is ONLY compatible with these devices:

  • iPad Pro 2018 (12.9-inch)
  • iPad Pro 2018 (11-inch)

First generation of Apple Pencil is ONLY compatible with these devices:

  • iPad Pro 2015 (12.9-inch)
  • iPad Pro 2016 (9.7-inch)
  • iPad Pro 2017 (12.9-inch)
  • iPad Pro 2017 (10.5-inch)
  • iPad 2017 (9.7-inch)
  • iPad Air 3rd generation (10.5-inch)
  • iPad mini 5 (7.9-inch)
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