NightOwl – simple menubar utility for Dark Mode

NightOwlmacOS Mojave brought a long awaited feature – native dark mode. So from now, your entire operating system can be dark. In macOS High Sierra was introduced dark theme for dock and top menubar, but rest of operating system was still light. Some apps already supported dark mode, but in user interface of macOS High Sierra and earlier it looked unnatural. Most of apps I use support dark mode with automatical switch between dark and light mode based on macOS Mojave system settings. If you want to make switching between light and dark mode easier with some bonus features, then NightOwl app is for you.

In few words, NightOwl creates a icon in menubar. When you right-click on icon, it will switch macOS Mojave between light and dark mode. Simple and useful. But that’s not all.

You can set a time to schedule, when should macOS interface switch between dark and light mode. So if you want to set to switch to dark mode, for example, at 19:00, NightOwl will do it for you. And that’s not all – based on your location, NightOwl can switch between modes automatically at sunset and sunrise.

Do you like dark mode, but you still prefer to some apps to be always in light mode? Then you can click on NightOwl icon from menubar and choose your app to be excluded from system dark mode. Just note, that app has to be started at least once while NightOwl was running to be added to the list.

NightOwl can be controlled via keyboard shortcuts, developer offers three combos you can choose from in app’s settings. Activation of dark/light mode is followed by lovely owl sound, but it can be turned off if you don’t like it. Also, NightOwl can be set to be launched after system boot.

As for privacy, NightOwl collects some usage data, but it can be switched off in app’s settings if you don’t like it.

I use NightOwl daily and I really enjoy it. NightOwl is free, but you can make a donation on developer’s website to support development.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

NightOwl – The App For Nocturnal People

NightOwl on developer’s website

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