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By | 01/05/2019

iBetterChargeUnlike old classic “dumbphones”, todays smartphones often need to be recharged every day. This applies to iPhone too. iPhone warns you, when your battery status drop below 20%, 10% or 5%, offering Low Power Mode. Wouldn’t be nice to get these warnings from your iPhone on your Mac too? I tested many such tools for Mac, and the most reliable app I found was iBetterCharge by Softorino. Simple, but useful app, 100% free. So why not to try it out?

iBetterCharge monitors battery charge status of your iPhone and iPad, and when battery falls below 50% or 20% or 10% or 5% – based on your personal settings – it will send you a notification with sound. So from now, you will never forget to recharge your iOS devices:

iBetterCharge Menubar

As you see, app sits at your menubar with list of all paired iOS devices. To add new device, connect it with USB cable to your Mac and click on “Add New Device”. Now just follow simple instructions and you are done. Just don’t forget to enable “Sync with this iPhone/iPad over Wi-Fi in iTunes:

iTunes Sync Over Wi-Fi

Click here for full-sized screenshot

There are few settings in iBetterCharge app itself. You can set to launch iBetterCharge on startup and also manage list of ignored devices. Ignored devices won’t be unpaired, they will be only hidden from menubar and battery notifications will be muted.

As for notifications, you can set battery alert notifications when battery drops below 50%, or 20%, or 10% or 5%. Based on your custom settings, you will get Notification Centre notification, sound alert and blinking menubar icon.

Also, it is not good to keep your iPhone always in charger, so you can enable Fully Charged notification with sound alert.

iBetterCharge is great app from Softorino. Unlike many other similar software, it is reliable and it works on 100% even after re-booting your Mac. I’m missing Notification Centre widget and ability to set custom sounds, and support for battery status of Apple Pencil (2), Magic Mouse (2) and Magic Keyboard would be nice. Anyway, this app do what is expected and I’m satisfied.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:


iBetterCharge on developer’s website

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