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Remote Control for Mac Review (Rewritten!)

By | 31/05/2019

Every app evolves, or at least it should, and Remote Control for Mac by Evgeny Cherpak is not exception. I once reviewed this app – link to old review is at the end – but there are too many changes, so I decided not to just update old review, I have written new review from scratch. Remote Control… Read More »

Flipboard was hacked

By | 30/05/2019

Flipboard is a curated news app. You can add many magazines created by people or hashtags and to enjoy great news “delivered” right to your device. It’s something like Apple News or other news services. Flipboard application is pretty good, available for Android, iOS, Windows or web browser. I like to read many great news. But recently, something… Read More »

Return of iPod touch?

By | 29/05/2019

I remember my first iPod – it was iPod classic. I got it in 2008 with MacBook White Early 2008 bought to me by my parents to help me in school times. Later, when I began to earn my own money, I got my first iOS device – it was iPod touch 4th generation. Basically, remove phone module,… Read More »

Will Touch ID come back to iPhones?

By | 28/05/2019

I’m fan of Touch ID. I was able to protect my iPad by strong passcode and to avoid repeatedly typing complicated sequence of numbers at the same time. Then Face ID came. I was sceptical, but it like it more than Touch ID. I can’t say which one is definitely better, I use both of them – Face… Read More »

EternalBlue strikes again

By | 26/05/2019

Since May 7th, US city Baltimore is under ransomware attack, reports The Verge. It affected government services like its e-mail systems and systems for other government services. According to security experts, hackers used EternalBlue, a “technology” developed by NSA for high-profile cyberattacks, which was stolen from NSA in April 2017 by hacker group The ShadowBrokers. NSA was reportedly… Read More »

Apple updated iOS

By | 25/05/2019

Only a week and a half passed and Apple issued a bug fix update of iOS. No significant features were found. According to Apple’s release notes, this bug-fix update addresses a handful of bugs related to the Messages app and VoLTE calls. Apple did not offer betatest, because this update addressed only a very few targeted areas. As… Read More »

Personal data on Instagram got exposed

By | 24/05/2019

It’s nothing unusual that big social networks’ websites are regularly under attacks. Many users give to social networks many personal data like real name, e-mail addresses, phone numbers or even home address. Also on social networks are shared many personal data like personal photos and videos and people also communicate via social networks – like Facebook’s Messenger. Instagram,… Read More »

macOS Mojave Supplemental Update for 2018 and 2019 15.4-inch MacBooks Pro

By | 23/05/2019

Some Macs feature a security T2 chip, a custom silicon for Mac. As Apple said “By redesigning and integrating several controllers found in other Mac computers – such as the System Management Controller, image signal processor, audio controller, and SSD controller – the T2 chip delivers new capabilities to your Mac.” In short, T2 chip secures some features… Read More »

Apple released new 8-core MacBook Pro

By | 22/05/2019

Yesterday Apple released new 13.3-inch and 15.4-inch MacBooks Pro. Apple continues its “the best Mac notebook display ever” campaign with 500 nits of brightness, P3 wide color gamut, and True Tone technology. It is equipped with Apple’s T2 security chip, Thunderbolt 3 ports, and immersive stereo speakers like prior machines. As for butterfly keyboard in prior models, which… Read More »

Lyrical – the best music widget for macOS

By | 21/05/2019

I can’t imagine working on my iMac without music. I does not matter, if I’m blogging or just browsing web, if I’m not working on video or watching YouTube, it’s high chance I’m listening to music played in background. For music, I use iTunes. While on macOS is iTunes great, on Windows it’s a garbage. Please do not… Read More »

DotA 2 and paid ability to block toxic players

By | 20/05/2019

Here are many freemium games with in-app purchases for additional content, especially on mobile platforms. I play only one such game – Real Racing 3. Many cars cost over 600 gold and upgrades – which you need to pass to next races – can multiply the gold you needed for initial car purchase. With in-app purchases, you can… Read More »