Apple updated macOS and iOS

Apple UpdatesJust reminder, did you not update your Macs and iOS devices yet? If you use FaceTime, you should. Internet network is full of news with critical bug in FaceTime software and due to very high severity, Apple even turned off its servers for Group FaceTime calls. Bug is already fixed and you should update your Macs and iOS devices. After applying updates, you can enjoy Group FaceTime calls again without affecting your privacy.

The Group FaceTime bug allowed someone to call you through FaceTime and then enter their own phone number again to force a Group FaceTime call. With the Group FaceTime interface activated, the person could hear everything on your end of the phone even if you had never picked up the call. Your device may show classic incoming-call interface, but in truth, attacker could hear everything you did say.

macOS Mojave can be updated via “Software Update” in main system settings interface (Apple logo -> System Preferences -> Software Update). macOS update is shown as Supplemental Update, so version number itself (10.14.3) is not changed.

iOS can be updated over-the-air via System Settings -> Software Update, or by iTunes on your Mac/PC.

As usual, backup all your important data before applying update!

New version number(s):

  • macOS – 10.14.3
  • iOS – 12.1.4
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